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Foam Freaks is a collaboration between Paige Rowntree [Paige's Big League Blaster Mods] and Evan Williams [Liberty Foam Designs] with the intent on bringing a new level of professionalism to the Nerf Community.  Foam Freaks will work effortlessly to become the one stop for all your advanced modding needs, while making sure the new kid on the block is not afraid to get their hands dirty.

At Foam Freaks we are committed to making sure the products we offer are of the finest quality.  It is a personal responsibility to to ensure every product is the best.  For us it is more than a hobby, it is the motivation to keep raising the Foam Freaks standard; it is finding the next best machined or 3D designed and printed part that you'll have confidence in owning; and it is the integrity to stay the course even if it means doing things differently.  Foam Freaks is for the discerning Nerfer who demands and appreciates having the best.

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